10 Julia Robert Movies That You Have To Watch

Julia Robert

From Pretty Woman to Mystic Pizza to Erin Brockovich to Duplicity Julia Roberts will always be remembered in all of her famous characters even after her slowdown in movies after the birth of twins in the year 2004.  Here is a list of 10 movies of Julia Robert that you to watch in her 30 years career.

Amazing Julia Roberts Movies

  • Sleeping With The Enemy: In this movie you can see the role of Julia as a pampering wife of a loving well to do husband who later turned out to be evil. She plays a fantastic role of the abusive wife in the movie and was liked by the audiences.
  • Pretty Woman: This movie is no doubt the best romantic movie of Julia Robert. This movie helped her receive a second nomination in Oscar. Robert played the role of a hooker in the movie who has a great knowledge of dental hygiene and care. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • Closer: Released in 2004 the movie is basically a sexy ensemble drama which is filled with power pack from performances with the actors like Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen. The movie gives an intense look over the relationship, lust and love. This movie earned Natalie Portman and Owen Oscar nomination for best actress and actor.
  • Erin Brockovich: This movie changes the luck of Julia Roberts as it bagged her first Academy Award. In this movie, Julia portrays the role of a real-life single mother who fought against a corporate giant lonely and helped many families to win class action suit.
  • Something To Talk About: Released in 1995, Julia stars with Kyra Sadwick and Dennis Quaid. The film talks about infidelity, love, family relationships and horses. The actors had pulled an excellent performance in the movie. It might not be the famous movie Julia Roberts in her life but it is a treat to watch the movie.
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding: The movie portrays the character of two best friends Michael O’ Neil and Julianne Porter who make a decision to marry each other if they find each other single at 28. Competition between Julia and Michael’s fiancée starts to take place to get Michael’s love.
  • Notting Hill: The movie was a blockbuster of its time. You will see the ignition of sparks on the screen due to the chemistry between the veterans Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.
  • Mystic Pizza: This is one of the famous movies of Julia Roberts in which she will always be remembered as the character in the movie. The movie was a sleeper hit released in 1988 and is an all-time favorite film of Julia Roberts fans.
  • Steel Magnolias: Steel Magnolias is a masterpiece of Julia. The movie has an intelligent writing, amazing ensemble casts and a storyline which is highly emotional. This movie helped Julia receive the nomination for Academy awards.
  • August Osage Country: This movie helped Julia to receive her fourth nomination in Oscars. In this movie, Robert plays the role of a girl who is the member of a dysfunctional Oklahoma family who has their lives filled with secrets, scandals, and sleaze.

So, the above-mentioned names are a few movies of Julia Roberts which you should watch. If you are her fan then let us know which movie made you one.


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