13 Reasons Why 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Lacking in Reason

Jessica recovers from her sexual assault


13 reasons why?

The audience got pumped up by all the Netflix drama this season. And talking about the Netflix dramas, we all are quite familiar with “13 Reasons Why”, the most isolating original series of Netflix especially after the release of “13 Reasons Why – Season 2”.

The narrative got extended beyond the story of teenager Hannah Baker (played by- Katherine Langford), by the show runner Brian Yorkey, followed by her suicidal death.

Dealing further with the after-effects of Hannah’s death, the impact on her friends, family, school mates, the second season doesn’t focus on investigating the past tragedies and just inflicts new ones on its characters. Although some of the choices were good enough, sometimes things went misaligned.

Below are some of the good, bad, and lacks in the drama’s return.

(Warning!! Below written points contains spoilers for “13 reasons why: season 2..)

The good:

        13 reasons why although not liked by some people, has some positive traits in the next season and hope it won’t disappoint you. Following are some of the main reasons of “13 reasons why: season 2” for which it cannot be stated as a disappointment:


  • Jessica recovers from her sexual assault:


The audience was kept on its toes by an impressive performance of Alisha Boe (well known as “Jessica” for us). The most recognizable mainstay, of 13 reasons why season 2 is Jessica’s journey to recuperation.

The show treats it with great responsiveness. In season 2, we can watch Jessica taking therapy and attempting to move on. This creates an emotional effect on this season. This thread of emotional effectiveness deserves a lot of commend for acknowledging the recovery from a trauma like this since it takes a lot of time and courage.


  • Alex’s road to recovery:


Season 1 ended with lots of holocausts leaving us behind to wonder and wait for the next season to arrive. Along with Jessica’s sexual assault, season 1 also ended with Alex’s suicidal attempt. With this everyone expected not one but two people’s road to recovery, Jessica and Alex, although it hasn’t been portrayed too often on television.

In season 2, he attempts to recover physically from his wounds which includes a great deal of courage which a real head wound victim has to go through. This road to recovery makes Alex one of the most empathetic characters of season 2.


  • Hannah and Zach’s relationship revealed:


Yes, you heard it right. It might be a big surprises for you that you don’t know everything about Hannah including the truth that how she lost her virginity (depicted in Episode 6th– “The smile at the end of the dock”).

Like every other relationship (I’m not sure though), this relationship of filled with cute and touching moments as told by Zach.

Apart from all the tragic relationships in Hannah’s life, we are happy that she had at least some share of happiness before she died. Although everything between them didn’t end well, they did have some sort of real connection.


  • Courtney uncovered:


When rumours of Hannah’s promiscuity were trending, this deeply discorded girl covered her kiss with Hannah by contributing to those rumours. Although she doesn’t have much screen time in the course of season 2, she finally uncovered the truth and spoke up. In the season finale, it is revealed that she now has a girlfriend which shows the positive character and the show has executed it well.

The Bad:

        Although not a disappointment, not everything is perfect. Some bad traits still exist which makes some people dislike the whole thing. Here, we are going to talk about the bad traits of “13 reasons why: season 2” due to which some people are not really liking it.


  • The ghostly Hannah!


When Clay is telling Hannah that she did an evil thing, he is not actually talking to her. Wait, what? You mean Clay is talking to a ghost? Yes, you heard it right again. Her performance was so heart breaking during season 1 that we can’t blame the writers for trying to keep her involved anyway in the show.

But this wasn’t just an easy solution which added exposition and drama to the show. It just frayed the show which already had a tenuous connection with the reality. This was done by an unnecessary degree.


  • The love triangle of Alex-Justin-Jessica:


Although Jessica recovering from her sexual assault is an important thing in season two, the complex relationship she has with these two guys completely contradicts the recovery as we see in the season finale.

It is weird if we notice the fact that at one moment Jessica chooses to have sex with Justin and the next she kisses Alex on the dance floor. This counts a negative point for the show.

The Lacking in reason:

        At some points of time in the show, we feel like the things are happening without any reason, the things which are connectionless. Here we are listing some of those points.


  • Things going on with Justin:


Some least nuanced elements of the show seems tied to the character of Justin. It ends with him being the ward of Clay’s parents and drags the show down. The season finale seems to portray some of those elements which if a season 3 will take place, will become the major elements of the narrative.


  • Making use of voice-over:


The voice over works, when used organically. But in the last half of the season finale, it becomes obvious that the show leans on it awfully. It hides the motive of the show since it is not important that we hear every single inner thought of Clay.


There might be various other goods and bad about the show which you’ll find revolving all over the internet. These were some of the important ones which you guys should actually know.

I really hope the show didn’t disappoint you (for the ones who’ve already watched it), and for the ones who haven’t, do give it a try.

Note:- you should watch season 1 before season 2 otherwise everything will jump over your mind. Haha.  



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