Abbey Lee Kershaw On Mad Max


If you have been to the Mad Max Fury Road then you have probably noticed that there were fair shares of girls in the movie. And, my god, were they hot.

From Charlize Theron to Abbey Lee Kershaw, everyone was absolutely smoking hot in the movie. But what struck us most about the movie was Abbey Lee Kershaw and how she came to be in the movie. We all know who Abbey Lee Kershaw is, right?

I mean, who doesn’t know about this Victoria Secret model? Well, it is a bit shocking to know that the actress moved on to Hollywood even after being on the list for the upcoming models of Victoria’s Secret.

So, I know that you are excited to know all about the story and we will go there in a while.

Abbey Lee Kershaw’s Motive Behind Moving To Mad Max

Abbey Lee Kershaw Mad Max role was one of the most amazing ones that we have seen so far. However, people still wonder how the model came to become an actress in the movie.

Well, you will be surprised to know that the move of Abbey Lee Kershaw to Mad Max Fury Road was an absolutely accidental one.

The moment came when the Director, George Miller wanted a cast of 5 different women for playing the role of Immortan Joe’s five wives in the movie.

Well, the filmmakers couldn’t really put up the cast as they wanted a very different look for some of the cast members and hence the search brought them to the modeling agencies and their search ultimately led them to Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Born and brought up as Abbey Lee Kershaw in Melbourne, Lee went on to star in some great fashion shows and ultimately moved to Hollywood as The Dag, in Mad Max. She said she did that because she always had this interest in movies.

Well, Abbey Lee Kershaw finally found her calling. And we certainly thank god that she did. We wouldn’t love to miss her wonderful face, right?


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