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Justine is a journalism majors with a flair for the world of entertainment. Before joining The Showbiz News, Justine worked for a number of showbiz magazines as a contributing editor. Justine currently handles all the editorial aspects of The Showbiz News.


This Camper Will Change the Way People Enjoy the Outdoors Forever… [VIDEO]

Approve, I've known about glamping previously, yet this? This is simply crazy. For a great many people this camper is superior to their real...
Become A Hollywood Star

How To Become A Hollywood Star

Become A Hollywood Star We all have wanted to become a movie star at some point in our life. Some people have great talent and...

Quick 3-4 Tips on How to Use Social Media Effectively

How to Use Social Media Effectively In today’s world, everyone is well aware of the social media and its power. Social media is a place...

Effective Ways to Increase ROI on Social Media

In previous article, I have talk about benefits of social media and how anyone can use social media effectively but if you are businessman...
Jessica recovers from her sexual assault

13 Reasons Why 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Lacking in Reason

13 reasons why? The audience got pumped up by all the Netflix drama this season. And talking about the Netflix dramas, we all are quite...
Kim and Kanye’s Fourth Marriage Anniversary

Kim and Kanye’s Fourth Marriage Anniversary – Kim Feels “Neglected”

Come May 24th and the Hollywood fans will get to witness another glorious year of the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West marriage. This year,...
Love Birds: Celebrity Couples Who Are Dating In 2018

Love Birds: Celebrity Couples Who Are Dating In 2018

We saw the year 2017 come to an end along with many relationships of the actors. However, 2018 started and many couples started dating...
Hollywood Movies That You Shouldn't Miss In 2018.

Hollywood Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2018.

So, you want a list of Hollywood movies that you should watch in 2018. Well, you kind of already late as some of the...