Borat- His personal life, wife and family


Borat is a mockumentary produced and acted by the famous Sacha Baron Cohen. The film is a travelogue of a fictitious Kazakh journalist, Borat Sagdiyev, who is traveling throughout the United States of America to understand the culture and the traditions of the foreign land. The Borat movie was directed by Larry Charles. The video contains the little episodes during the traveling experience of the actors. The trademark Borat suit and the remarkable line from the film, Borat very nice, has become a phenomenon on its own. The Borat quotes and the Borat not joke are very hysterical.

In the movie, the main character wants to marry Pamela Anderson. Borat wife living in his village has died after a bear attack, giving Borat the chance to remarry. Borat and wife relationship presents a cultural and social point of view for the readers. The movie for the portrayal of Borat and his wife has gained a massive amount of negative publicity. The relationship has been considered as derogatory one. According to prominent feminists, the movie shows the negative image of the women.

Due to some controversial viewpoints presented in the movie, it was in almost all the Arab countries. In the United Arab Emirates, the film could only be released after running through several cuts. In the other hand, the movie was faced heavy government censorship in Russia. The government discouraged the theatre owners from showcasing the film.

However, this cinema has earned critical and commercial success.  The makers made more than $250 million worldwide.




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