Brian Regan – A famous American stand-up comedian


Brian Regan, who is also known as Brian Joseph Regan is a famous American stand-up comedian. It is said that comedian reagan has made well use of humor, sarcasm in his scripts. All the masterpieces of Brian Regan comedian are clear and do not have any off-color humor. The scripts made by people by Brian Regan comedian covers events from everyday life. It includes shipping a package or visiting the optometrist. It is further known that the brother of Regan comedian also makes his living as a stand-up comedian. Also, Regan comedian was also the featured guest on Jerry Seinfeld’s web series in ‘Cars Getting Coffee’ in the year 2012.

All Brian Regan YouTube performances are worth watching. The masterpieces are evident from Brian Regan comedian YouTube shows which are quite famous among the followers and viewers. It is also known that since childhood, he was a fan of Steve Martin.

It can be concluded that comedians like Brian Regan set the comedic standard of excellence which others try to follow. In the year 2015, 26th September, Brian comedian made a mark in history with his live broadcast of ‘Brian Regan: Live From Radio City Music Hall.’

In the year 2007, Brian Regan first one-hour special ‘Standing Up’ has been debuted on Comedy Central. Following this, the second Comedy Central was entitled ‘The Epitome of Hyperbole’ which was premiered on 6th September in the year 2008. Also, a DVD of the comedian’s performance came out after three days.

Recently, in the year 2017, the comedian signed a deal with Netflix for special stand-up shows.


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