Christopher Brancato: Narcos was a very difficult show to make


Narcos co-creator Christopher Brancato was in India recently and while speaking with reporters he said that it was a very difficult show to make.

He said that Netflix was very hands-off in terms of allowing us to shoot in Columbia, in terms of giving us certain freedoms, not just creatively. Columbia is an incredible country, it’s a safe country. And I got the chance to work with actors all over Latin America, something I wouldn’t have the opportunity had it not been if the show was not based in Columbia.

When asked if there will be a Bollywood adaptation of ‘Narcos’, he said that India has been in the talks in their conversations with Netflix.

“When we started ‘Narcos’, Netflix was not all over the world yet and I remember joking, ‘When we open in India, we could do D-Company, you open in Russia and you do whatever their gang is called. Every country has its cartels and criminal organisations; I think you don’t want to be repetitive, because drug dealer stories are actually pretty similar, so in order to find an angle for a story here, I’d personally be researching on what makes the story here different than other gangster stories,” Brancato answers. “I’m pretty sure given the last few days of my interaction with Chris, he’d find it an exciting challenge to take up,” Kapur laughs.

The fourth season of ‘Narcos’ is currently being shot in Mexico and would revolve around the story of a different drug cartel this time.


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