Dabney Coleman Gets A Star On Hollywood Fame Of Walk


Whenever we talk about Dabney Coleman movies and TV shows, the first thing that comes to our mind is a smarmy comedic villain. This is because of the perfect characters like the mayor Merle Jeeter in Norman’s parody “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” which was a hit in 1976.

He started to earn fame with the movie “9 to 5” in which he played the character of a tyrannical and sexist boss, a trio of the female employees Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin try to abduct him and run the business on their own to take revenge from their boss.

Again in the Dabney Coleman movie “Tootsie” which was released in 1982, Dabney portrayed the role of a sexist soap opera director who gets hit on his balls by Dustin Hoffman in Drag.

A Peek Into The Acting Career Of Dabney Coleman.

Again in the satirical sitcom Buffalo Bill which was canceled in 1984 after it had got critically acclaimed to run two-season on NBC. The host of Coleman who was a narcissist and condescending, insulted everyone starting from the stage manager to Jesus.

But while receiving a star on the Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame on Nov 6, if Coleman had to select his all-time favorite character that he has ever played, it would definitely be the Jeeter. This character helped the actor to achieve stardom.

In an interview about the Jeeter, Coleman said that his part as Jeeter was only about to last six months but the character caught on. Along with this Coleman stated that he has successfully battled throat cancer and now feels great. The part of the parody was very catchy and well written. The character demanded Merle become a con man, a comedian, so he had to change his personality deliberately every now and then. The character was so loved by people that it went on for two years which made his career. From then, it started to spawn everything in Coleman’s life.

In both the “9 to 5” and “Tootsie” anyone of us didn’t have any clue, Coleman said that they had thought Tootsie was going to do a great business around 200 million. And for “9 to 5” Coleman thought they are stretching the drama, so that did not have any clue what to do. And now when Coleman looks back to those days, he says that even the critics had no clue what they are doing.

One of the most shocking fact that Coleman revealed about 9 to 5 was that it was very boring to shoot but the work of the three girls in the drama was excellent. Coleman said that his experience of shooting the Oscar-winning Toostie was not less than any mad act.

Tootsie was a total pain for Coleman. He never wanted to do that. One of Cole’s friend named Sydney had called him and asked to play the role of an agent but was denied by Coleman as he thought that the movie isn’t funny. After two weeks, Dustin asked him to play the role of a director but he denied that either. And now here is “Toostie” one of the greatest comedy movies in the last 50 years of history.


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