Effective Ways to Increase ROI on Social Media


In previous article, I have talk about benefits of social media and how anyone can use social media effectively but if you are businessman and looking forward to build your business on social media and increase your ROI on social media, then you are on right page. Let’s have a quick walkthrough on what is ROI, what are the ways to measure performance and to increase ROI on social media:

ROI is the return on investment. A marketer knows what he is investing in a business, but he should also know what return he gains as a result of that investment. ROI refers to the profits or returns gained through our investments on social media.

Measure your performance

Companies that do not measure their performance are said to have a low return on investment. In order to improve it, they first need to measure it. Because they cannot improve something they don’t have an idea of. Companies should be well aware of their purpose, their goal, that what they want to achieve in the broader environment. Do they want to promote an existing product or launch a new one? Just when a marketer’s mind is free of all such questions is when he can measure the overall performance in order to increase ROI.

Give time to your account

The more time you give to your social account, the more customers you attract towards your business and your products. Have you seen any famous business account that is less active? Probably not. In order to become more successful and gain more profit in form of sales, you need to be active on your social platform more often. People won’t buy your products if you don’t use your social sites more frequently. Also, respond to customers in no time. They often feel disgusted or frustrated if you take too long to respond to their queries.

According to an experiment, a person posted a single tweet per day for a week. The number of his profile visitors was 747, with business Instagramaccount, we can even measure more accurate figures. To enhaceInstagram profile, buy instant instagram followers. After a week, he posted 40 posts for a day, and his visitors rose to 5,623. You can yourself see what being active on social media does to your account. It attracts more consumers to your profile and the increasing posts might urge them to buy your product and services.

Build strong relationship with the customers

Build strong relationships with existing customers. Do all that you can to provide them with a highest level of satisfaction. The more satisfied your customers are, the more profit you will gain in the form of sales. Higher satisfaction results in higher customer loyalty. Once the customer becomes loyal to you, he relies onto you for fulfilling his needs, wants, and demands. Attract new customers along with the existing ones. Make sure they trust you with your products. You provide value to the customer in the form of highest satisfaction. The customer in return gives you value in form of sales. Marketing is a two way process. It’s a give and take action. You give your products and gain profit.

Target your audience

Instead of creating what you like, create what your audience wants. Know what is in the mind of your audience. Do every possible thing to know about their likes and dislikes. After that make such products that suits their needs and wants. This way customers are more attracted towards your products. They feel happy that you care about their choices.


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