Fun Facts About Glee Star Naya RIvera


Well, we all remember Naya Rivera right? She was the hot-headed mean lesbian with a golden heart in the hit series ‘Glee’. I still remember it like I saw the show yesterday. Naya Rivera Glee moments are something that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

I mean the beautiful songs that she sang. Who can forget her strong and powerful covers, right? This former ‘Glee’ star has somehow always managed to be the talk of the Hollywood town with the recent news and stuff.

But still, there are certain things that we still do not know about Naya Rivera. How about we let you in on some of the interesting facts of her life?

Fantastic Naya Rivera Facts That You Didn’t Know About

  • One of the most interesting facts about Naya is that she has got a hell lot of nicknames. Almost 11 if we are correct. Some of those nicknames are ‘Peanut’, ‘Nay Nay’, and ‘Nay Nay Rivers’. Well, that’s adorable
  • We all know about Ryan Dorsey who is married to the wonderful actress. Naya Rivera and Naya River Husband also have a son. The name of Naya Rivera son is Josey Hollis Dorsey
  • Talking about dance moves, and Naya has got her own. Yes, you heard it right. This star has apparently got her own move. Pretty smooth, huh? It is known as “The Naya Dance”. Now that’s what I call a smooth dancer
  • She has her tattoo game on. She has got a total of 5 tattoos that are on her body. She also has the Hebrew letter ‘Love’ written as well
  • Naya had an obsession with ‘The Simple Life’ show. She commented that she always wanted to have a role just like Paris Hilton’s

So, there you have it, people. Here are some of the facts about Naya Rivera and her life. Hope you enjoyed it.


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