Greenland’s Ice Sheet: Know All About It


One of the most popular attractions in the world would be the beautiful Ice sheet that resides in Greenland.

The ice cap is both overwhelming and breath-taking and is a popular site of attraction for the astounded nature-lovers who come on over to take pictures and experience the true beauty of the ice cap.

The magnificent ice and the impressions on it mixed together with the silence in the air is something that anyone won’t be able to forget for a very long period of time. Everything is beautiful about the place.

Choose what you want to do in your first experience with Greenland ice sheet and you can have a blast. There are options for driving, walking, sailing, and flying as well.

Getting Access To Greenland Ice Sheet

There are some areas where the tourists are allowed to walk on the beautiful ice sheet. There is a place known as Kangerlussuaq and the experience of walking on the ice sheet is something that is inexplicably beautiful and ever-lasting memory.

The travelers who want some more thrill in their travel experiences can also go ahead and have fun crossing the sheet of ice. The challenge requires some special permission from the officials and not everyone is allowed as well.

Apart from all that, the Greenland ice sheet is also used for many events of sports as well. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, of course, it does sound like the most amazing thing ever. Greenland is covered by the ice sheet for about 2-3 million years and the layers are thick as well.

The Melting Of The Ice Sheet

It is a known phenomenon that the ice sheet in Greenland is melting down at a rapid rate and that is causing the sea and ocean level to rise at an alarming rate.

It is predicted that if the sheet of ice melts completely, then there will be a rise in the levels of the oceans and they will rise to 6-7 meters up.


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