Halley’s Comet- A 76-years affair


The Halley’s comet is a comet that orbits the Earth after every 74 to 76 years. The comment is officially known as 1p/Halley. It is the only naked eyed space phenomenon which comet appears every 76 years. The Halley’s comet 1986 visit is Halley’s comet last appearance. The next time the comet comes near the Earth would be in 2061. The Halley’s comet orbit period has been recorded from the prehistoric times. In the ancient texts found in the Chinese, and Babylonian cultures have noted Halley’s comet years of coming and going.

What year was Halley’s comet discovered?

The ancient civilizations have mentioned the arrival of a comet at regular intervals. However, it was in 1705, when Halley’s comet orbital period was recorded. The English astronomer called Edmond Halley who recorded the event. It is after him the comet has been named.

Some facts around the time last time Halley’s comet came near the Earth:

The Halley’s comet last seen in the year 1986. During that time, several spacecraft studied the core and the nucleus of the comet. These studies showed that the comet was formed of liquid substances like water, carbon dioxide, dust and other natural gases like ammonia. A detailed survey of Halley’s comet 1986 Australia was also made. The scientists studied Halley’s comet orbit and structure and made essential contributions. This detailed analysis on the part of the Australian scientist was the part of the network called as International Halley Watch.





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