Has Tupac Shakur’s murder weapon finally been traced?


Reports have emerged on some Hollywood gossip sites that the gun used in the murder of famous rapper Tupac Shakur may finally have been traced.

According to a report on TMZ.com, the gun –  a 40 caliber Glock – that the cops believed was used to murder Tupac Shakur has been traced and that the gun has already been destroyed.

The report notes that ballistic testing on the 40 caliber Glock found in Compton 1998 showed that it matched the one fired in the 1996 Tupac shooting. Nobody knew for sure where the gun went after the testing, not the LA cops nor the Las Vegas ones, but apparently, the federal agents had it last and they chose to destroy it.

The answer to why that was done, the website says is that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agents did the testing in 2006. While it did come up as a possible match for the Tupac weapon, it also possibly matched another unsolved case in Las Vegas.

ATF spokesperson Ginger Colbrun says that they then sent the weapon to Vegas.

Multiple law enforcement sources say that LV Metro PD conducted its own ballistic testing, and they determined it was not a match for Shakur’s case. It did match the other unrelated case, but police had no need for the handgun, so in 2006 they sent it back to the ATF.

The agency decides what to do with items after a while. And in 2013, they checked with Las Vegas cops, who signed off on the weapon being destroyed… and it was, along with a stockpile of other unneeded guns. Ultimately, the case still remains open.


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