How To Become A Hollywood Star

Become A Hollywood Star


Become A Hollywood Star

We all have wanted to become a movie star at some point in our life. Some people have great talent and immense passion for acting and always want to make it big. But they have no idea about things such as where to start for achieving their dream?

Very few people make it to the movie industry. So what is the difference between those who make it and those who don’t? It is the combination of hard work, passion, patience, persistence and little bit of luck.

No doubt, it is a very long journey but there is no better time for it. So, you should start right now or never. In this article we will tell you three ways about how to become a movie actor and what should you do to get near your goal.

Tips For The Acting Beginners

Here are some ways in which you can become a Hollywood Star.

How To Start

  1.    Reap Benefits Of The School Theatre

If you are in your college or high school then there you won’t have a better time to start your acting career than this. Meet the staff of the theatres and try to get involved in it as soon as possible. Go to the audition for school plays and sign up for the theatre classes that are held in your school. Being a part of the high school drama will give you the exact feeling of what the world of acting actually looks like. It will help you a lot in starting to build your career and give you many experiences as an actor.

If you are in your college then try to look for the student-run theatre program that holds open audition. Take advantage of all the opportunities that you get in acting at your school. Go through each schools and organisation in your locality and contact the ones who is outing up the play and ask if you can get involved in the play.

  1.    Get Degree From The Theatre

You will find a lot of star that never went to college or some who went to college but never had a theatre degree but it won’t hurt if you get one. It will helpful for you if you come out of your college or high school with some experience of the theatre. This is surely a worthwhile step. Research all the schools and colleges and the programs they hold. However, while choosing a school you should consider few things like what is the rating of the drama program? What are the kinds of classes offered by them? How of their actors are professionals? Also look for the thing that how does the drama in the school will be fit for you to aid in your acting career.

  1.    Take Workshops And Acting Classes

If you are not in school or college, you should still be getting training for your acting. Most of the movie stars have spent a lot of their time in the acing schools just to sharpen their acting skills and become a legit actor. Such training will improve your chances a lot. So don’t waste time and search for all the acting classes and workshops nearby you.

  1.    Find A Local Theatre And Be A Volunteer

Whether you are in college, high school or none of them, you can always get the acting experience in your local theatre by volunteering them. Talk to the local theatre companies and ask what kind of volunteer work is available in their theatre and give audition for it. Even if you don’t get any acting work from the start don’t be upset, at least you have got an “in” into the acting world.


How To Get In The Industry

  1.    Become An Extra

We all have some people in the movies who have no lines and stand in the background, such people are called extras in movie term. So, search for all the movie projects that are going to be shot in your locality or you can look for other areas around you. Check if they are calling for extras. Try to get in contact with the casting agencies of the movies and ask about the opportunities of getting extra. These jobs won’t pay you money or anything and you will get any experience of acting but it might be a plus point in your acting resume.

  1.    Search For Open Casting Calls In Local

It depends on the area that you are living in that whether you will be in film or not. If your locality does not have any film being shot then look for other areas. Search for the open casting calls online that are in your area. Look for the feature whether it is short film or length film. Get your best dress on and prepare all your audition material. Give your best in the audition. One of the most important thing that you should keep in mind that you should not be discouraged if you get rejected. Taking a rejection positively is the essential skill that aspiring movie star should have. Even if you don’t have any opportunities of professional acting nearby, you can always opt for the student films. If you are near a college which has a filmmaking program then you can definitely try your luck there as they always look for students with amateur acting talent.

  1.    Move To Los Angeles

If you live in the area that has a lack of opportunities for real acting then it will be better than you move away from that area. If you are really passionate and serious regarding your acting career then at some point of your life you will have to move to Los Angeles. This is the place where huge-budget movies are always made. This is the place where you will find excellent acting agents and big breaks take place. If you have applied for any role in the movie and it is not being shot in your area then eventually you have to fly to the nearest airport of that area.

  1.    Get A Non-Acting Job In The Industry

There are many actors in the industry who started their career with non-acting jobs and made their way to the top. It is a basic strategy for any profession. So, start looking if there is an opportunity to be a volunteer or an intern in the production companies. You can do the research online or ask the companies directly if there is any vacant position to work.


How To Move Up

  1.    Improve And Build Your Acting Resume

First of all you will have to make an excellent resume and a good quality headshot. This is the first thing that all the casting agencies look for. It is the only thing that can break or make your chances of getting an audition. The headshot should be done by a professional photographer. Look for the one who is known for taking good headshots. Talking about the resume, it should include all the acting experiences that you had. Write in detail about the production and the role you had in it. Include the statistics like the height, hair and eye colour, your vocal range etc.

  1.    Look For An Agent

For most of the acting roles in movies or television, the only way you can get break in for the audition is to contact an agent first. It means that getting an agent is an important step towards movie stardom. There are two ways to get an agent

  •    Try to get noticed by an agent. Do all the acting that you have learnt till now, community television, student films, local theatres etc. Most of the film schools invite the agents to showcase their talents. Well, if you are noticed and liked by an agent then you are lucky.
  •    Make the best resume that you can and send it all the agencies. Look for the agencies that have been selecting the unsolicited submissions. Make sure your resume is complete professional.
  1.    Be A Part Of A Union

If you are a part of any union like the Screen Actors Guild then there are many chances that you might get better and bigger roles. You might act professionally without joining any union but if you join one then chances are there that you might rise higher. The Screen Actor Guild is the biggest union but it is not very easy to join. One solution to be a part of it is to work as a background actor in this huge production. You can also join other union like AEA, ACTRA, AGVA etc.

  1.    Make Auditioning Your Job

If you are aspiring movie star then it will be best if you take auditioning as your job. Try to take as many auditions you have to and the most important thing, not to get discouraged if rejected. It will take a lot of persistence and patience to be a movie star. Almost all the movie stars have gone through this phase in their life.

  1.    Networking Habit

To get a positive role model and a good mentor is an extremely important skill that a rising actor should learn. Make sure you are talking to all the people in the production house with whom you are working with. Make as many friends as you can and ask all questions that you have doubt in. Increasing the size of professional network will lead you to more opportunities.

So, it was all about how to become a Hollywood star. If you want to be one and have a strong passion and dedication, then start following all the points that are mentioned above. Never lose your hope and be very patient. These are two main things that will keep you going.



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