Jackie Chan- The man who re-branded the concept of action movies

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, was born with the name Chan Kong-sang, on April 7th, 1954 in Hong Kong. Jackie Chan is a multi-talented person who is a martial artist, stuntmen, film director, producer, an actor, and singer. He has best known for his acrobat skills and comic timing. In addition, his exceptional stunts and improvisation in using the traditional oriental weapons have made him famous in the world cinema. Jackie Chan new movie – the Foreigner and Bleeding Steel produced millions on its opening day. It shows the tremendous amount of popularity enjoyed by the actor. The actor has been considered as one of the top ten philanthropists of the world. According to Forbes magazine, the actor has pledged more than half of his property for the poor after his death.

The beginning:

Jackie Chan age is currently 64. He was born in British Hong Kong, in the year 1954. His parents named him Chan Kong-sang. Since his childhood, Jackie was an energetic lad. He loved playing, and Jackie Chan family called him Poa-Pao. He had attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School in his early age. After his father immigrated to Australia, Chan was enrolled into China Drama Academy. In this school, Chan began his martial arts training. After rigorous decade-long training, Chan excelled in martial arts and acrobat. He was the part of Seven Little Fortunes performing group. It is here that he earned his stage name Yuen Lo.

A career in movies:

Jackie Chan began his acting career at the tender age of five. Later in 1976, the actor was offered a role in a big production house movie. However, the new Jackie Chan movie (the Foreigner and Bleeding Steel) failed to impress the critiques and was only able to attract the audience due to his humongous fan following. Jackie Chan new release – Viy 2: Journey to China, was released last month in February and garnered mixed reviews. His way of blending comedy with action made him the stand out star who never failed to deliver.

Besides acting, Chan has established himself as a singer and producer. He has lent his voice in several animated movies as well like the Kung Fu Panda series where he portrayed ‘the Monkey.’

A career in music:

Chan is a trained singer. The Jackie Chan new release movies are also known to have a little ‘Jackie Chan singing touch’ which have brought the viewers in close contact with his singing. He has sung the theme songs of his films, which are played during when the credits of his movies are shown.

Jackie Chan Biography and personal life

Jackie Chan wife, Joan Lin, is also an actor. Jackie Chan wife age is 64 years. Their son, Jaycee Chan was born in later part of the 1980’s. Besides, Jackie Chan wife and children, the actor has a daughter with Elaine Ng Yi Lei. The actor can speak Chinese, English, German, Japanese, and many more languages.

The actor is a well-known philanthropist. He is the goodwill ambassador of United Nations and has started several projects for the benefit of the needy. He has pledged more than half of his assets to charity upon his death.

Currently, the actor is living in Hong Kong with his family.


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