Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos donated $2.5m for legalising same sex marriage

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Mackenzie Bezos- The Famous American Novelist

Mackenzie Bezos is an American novelist and the founder of the anti-bullying organisation, Bystander Revolution, which she founded on 2014 and now serves as an executive director. She is also Jeff Bezos wife.

Jeff Bezos and amazon strong wife, Mackenzie Bezos, has been the pillar behind the success of the number one online shopping website. In the early years, Mackenzie Tuttle Bezos was a former employee working under Jeff Bezos at D.E. Shaw. They got married in 1993 and later moved on to Seattle the next year. In 2012, Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos donated $2.5m to Washington State campaign for legalising same sex marriage. Jeff Bezos wife has also written a 950 words review for The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon which was written by Brad Stone and gave the book a one star rating. When the book was released, Mackenzie reviewed it as a complete thrash and a misrepresentation of the working culture of Amazon. According to McKenzie, her husband is the best reader of her books. She is now the author of two novels which are named the Testing of Luther Albright and Traps.

Jeff Bezos and wife, Mackenzie Bezos has immensely donated to number of charities. The amazon wife has also founded the anti-bullying organisation, Bystander revolution, where she is the executive director. Mackenzie has always supported Jeff all through his life even when he was almost broke. Now, she is the wife to the richest person in the world.




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