Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner A Sneak Peek Into Their Love Story

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She made our heads turn with her role as Sansa Stark, who went from a shy and tortured girl and became the acting queen of Winterfell. Well, now that’s what I call a transformation. Well, we all know everything about Sansa Stark but very less is known about Sophie Turner. Especially, her relationship with the Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas. Their relationship has been the talk of the Hollywood Industry for a very long time and it is shocking that we know so less about their relationship. All we know here is that they both are engaged and it has been a year of their loving relationship.

All of that is going to change now as we are here with some interesting facts about the lives of Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, and their loving relationship.

Facts That You Were Dying To Know About

Their relationship was albeit a secret one and they never really opened up about it. Even actress Sophie Turner admitted that they were in a relationship just a few months ago. The reports framed their relationship as a secret on and they never had any problem with it. Not anymore as the rumors of their engagement have floored the entire industry. The latest Instagram Posts of the stars certainly made it clear that they were engaged.

So, here are some of the interesting facts about the relationship Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

  1. There Dating Period Stars From The Fall Of 2016

Many people spread rumors that the couple started dating in the month of November 2016. When the relationship began is clearly not known, they have been to many parties together and have attended many wedding as a couple as well. People even saw them doing the ordinary couples things such as getting cozy and sitting together at the Kings of Len concert.

  1. Turner Had This Huge Crush On Him

The relationship of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner started with the rumor that the actress was having a huge crush on the former boy-band member. PEOPLE Magazine also reported that Turner had been crushing on Joe Jonas for quite some time but the latter wasn’t really ready to settle down into the nature of a loving boyfriend yet. So they remained friends for quite some time.

  1. Attending Family Gatherings And Meeting Each Other’s Parents

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and their relationship are certainly one of the most talked about topics in the industry of Hollywood. They make a really cute couple and it is really great to know that they are both so well acquainted with each other family. OK Magazine reported that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were spotted together when they went to meet the parents of Sophie Turner.

  1. They Are Both Supportive

This is one of the most beautiful aspects of their relationship. Don’t you always want someone who actually understands your career and has an idea about the field that you are working in? Well, that is exactly what Sophie Turner felt when she started dating Joe Jonas. For them, understanding each other’s career was not that tough.

So, that’s all you need to know about the relationship of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. Let us know what you liked about them the most.



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