Julia Roberts And Husband Daniel Moder Renew Wedding Vows

Julia Roberts And Husband Daniel Moder

We all know A-list actress of Hollywood Julia Roberts. The actress seems just not to give up on her wedding at any costs. She is planning to marry her husband again. Julia and Daniel Moder have been married for fifteen years and are planning to marry again. Both of them want to renew their vow. Julia who is a year elder than Moder, still feels that they are newly married sometimes.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder said that she would like to renew her vow at the gorgeous place of Oprah’s home. Julia might not be sure of hosting the event at Oprah but it is sure that Julia is surely thinking of the vows. Julia started to have chemistry with Danny from 2000 and the duo got married in 2002. Since then the actress is hitched around her husband. It has been 15 years but the couple has faced many difficulties in this long run.

Before was Julia was married to Danny in 2002, she was married to Lyle Lovett from 1993 to 1995. She had quite difficult times. But after overcoming all the difficulties the couple was blessed with twins named Hazel and Phinnaeus. After they had become parents, Julia and Danny’s relationship had become much stronger. Julia has a protective nature towards her family and she cannot see them fall apart or go away. She does everything that she can to keep her family together.

Julia and Danny had to take a break from her relationship after the suicide of Julia’s sister and death of her mother due to lung cancer. After that, they had to spend a lot of time working on their marriage. The pair rekindles their romance and almost have the common hobbies. They also love parenting their three adorable children together.

So, those were the facts of Julia Robert marriages and her renewal of marriage with Danny Moder.


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