Justin Timberlake’s next big projects could be revealed soon

Justin Timberlake's next big projects could be revealed soon

Justin Timberlake is working on his next album for quite a few months now and while the singer actor has teased his upcoming work, much of the information is still under wraps.

However, that changed to a certain level after reports emerged about possible names of the album as well as other project that could be linked to a clothing line. Documents have emerged that indicate a couple of trademarks that have been filed by Timberlake.

The first one is a phrase “Man of the Woods” that will reportedly be used by the singer for his upcoming album’s CDs, DVDs, downloadable music, clothes, concert posters, programs and even live performances and tours.

Another trademark filing has also emerged wherein the phrase “Fresh Leaves” has been registered. This particular one will be used for hats, robes and other clothing, reports claims.

TMZ.com takes an “educated guess” by saying that one is the album title and the other is the first single. This filing comes less than two months before the singer performs the halftime show for Super Bowl 52 — a gig that could skyrocket his album sales.


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