Karen McDougal Trump Breaks The Silence On Affair

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The Playboy model Karen McDougal Trump has recently revealed interesting facts about the alleged Donald Trump affair and we are more than happy to tell you all about it. Well, apparently the model had been seeing the present president of USA for a long time and she gave a statement that he even gave her some major bucks for keeping the affair low-key.

“After we had been intimate, he, he tried to pay me — and I actually didn’t know how to take that,” Karen said to Anderson Cooper from the CNN network in a private interview. Well, this certainly says a lot about the President and also Karen who refused to take the money stating that it is not ‘her’, to take money for such acts. She said that she was deeply disturbed by the incident and even cried on her way back home.

Things Taking A Turn In 2006

Well, things were certainly rocky between the President and her former lover. But despite that, the model still went back to the President after the year 2006 and they had a relationship for about 10 years. Things took a turn when the Donald Trump affair with Karen McDougal Trump ended right after she realized what a sin they were doing.

The affair was at the time when Trump was married to Melania Trump. The model revealed that she felt deep guilt about the affair and ended things because she couldn’t bear to betray the present Mrs. Trump. She also went ahead to apologize to Mrs. Trump and said she was sorry.

The Interview of Ms. Karen McDougal Trump Sparks Off Some Serious Rumors

The interview of Karen McDougal really certainly made the news right now. The Presidential news that the alleged the affair between the President and Karen made the President fire his national security advisor H.R. McMaster. The new ambassador of USA, John R. Bolton was hired in the new post. Karen McDougal Trump had an agreement with the American Media about not making the affair exclusive for them which she was given money as well. However, the interview turned out to be a disagreement with the contract that she had with the media company.

As a result of which, the former Playboy model really went ahead and sued the company American media for false pretensions and putting her under pressure. This led to the affair being revealed to a much bigger audience and the news is all that we can talk about in the media world.

The media company, American Media Inc. has profusely denied the claims that the model has made on them and they keep on further asserting on the fact that the contract in fact very much real. However, which of the two claims is true still remains a mystery to us.

So, did Trump cheat on Melania? Well. Not much is really known about the affair except that Donald Trump and all the other White Associates have bashed the rumors and pleaded innocence in these matters.



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