Kimberly Woodruff- A Well-known American Actor


O’Shea Jackson Sr., who is professionally known as Ice Cube, is a famous American rapper and actor. Ice Cube wife, Kimberly Woodruff is a Celebrity Wife and mother of five children. Ice Cube and Kim for quarter of a century. In each of the years of the marriage, wife of Ice Cube contributed to life and to the art of her husband. Ice Cube and his wife meet each other when they were in college. Ice Cube admitted that he was blinded by Kim cube beauty. Ice Cube and wife had their first child in the year 1991 on 24th of February. Kimberly Woodruff, who is Ice Cube wife, has many stories in her past life. She is exceedingly private about her married life with Kim Ice Cube.

Ice Cube wife has never worked for any Hollywood project and thus has never been part of any flashy show of fame. The sole focus of Ice Cube Kim has been her family and she been proved to be excellent in it. Kimberly has considered his wife as his backbone who has always been supportive towards life. The couple’s first child has grown up into a talented man, who embarks in a bright career as an actor and rapper.

Kimberly Woodruff is born in California, married within a few months after she started dating with Ice Cube. For Ice Cube, the secret of a strong relationship is about spending quality time with the family. It is also revealed that his wife, Kimberly Woodruff is an amazing cook.


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