Know Details about The Leonard Albert Kravitz

Know Details about The Leonard Albert Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz, eigentlich Leonard Albert Kravitz - der amerikanische Rocksaenger, Musiker, Songwriter, Musikproduzent und Schauspieler bei einem Konzert in der Alsterdorfer Sporthalle am 22.06.2015 in Hamburg. KEINE PERSOENLICHKEITSRECHTE VORHANDEN, NUR FUER REDAKTIONELLE VERWENDUNG, KEINE WERBUNG. KEINE WEITERGABE AN DRITTE

The Leonard Albert Kravitz also was known as Lenny Kravitz is one of the famous American songwriter, singer and record producer.  He published many songs and sometimes he played own instruments during the song recording. He is also very popular in his personal life. There are lots of people or his fan who want to know who is Lenny Kravitz wife? Or do you know the Lenny Kravitz wife name? In the 16th November 1987, the Kravitz married to Bonet Eloped. They were friend last two years, and after that, they decide to marry. They had a daughter as well.

The Leonard Albert Kravitz and his personal life

The Bonet Eloped is the Lenny Kravitz first wife. They both decided for the divorce in 1993. The Lenny Kravitz ex-wife becomes his friend after the divorce. And Until 1997, he started to date with French singer and model Vanessa Paradis. After that, from 2001, he began dating with the Brazilian model Adriana Lima. Then they were engaged but within year thay breakup.  He had lots of relationship in life, and his personal life was too much disturbed.

About his singing life

Do you know Lenny Kravitz best songs? Well, he had played lots of songs and owned Grammy award during 1999 to 2002. He launched several albums in the market. On September 2014, he released his tenth album called Strut. His every album got the massive response, and people just love it. If you search the net, you will get Lenny Kravitz top songs easily. You can also get from the net Lenny Kravitz greatest hits songs. You can buy through the online and get the original cassette in your home easily. He played lots of playback and music. And received lots of music award as well.


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