Laurence Olivier- The man behind the Othello


Laurence Kerr Olivier was a British actor. Born on May 22nd, 1907, the actor has directed as well as acted in several movies. Olivier has made a significant impact on the English celluloid as well as the British theatre. A student of the London Drama School, the actor, did odd acting jobs before landing his big break.  The movie, Private Lives by Noel Coward established him as an actor. Later on, in 1935 the actor did a role in Romeo and Juliet along with prominent actors of the time.  Olivier is known to portray the demanding Shakespearean characters with ease and élan. His portrayal of Richard III was one of the best in his acting career. Under the English Stage Company, the actor’s career saw a tremendous rise. Later on, Laurence Olivier Othello raised the actor to new heights. Olivier beautifully presented the pathos of the character and the problems of the characters.

The Olivier was a versatile actor and known to change his appearance according to the character. He loved to use a substantial amount of makeup for bringing out the look of the character. While rehearsing for the epic roles, Olivier used props. According to the actor, he could not repeat without them. He was a methodical actor and would remodel his figure to look n synchronization with the part.

The Laurence Olivier has won several awards like British Academy Film Awards, Academy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards. He was awarded Knighthood in 1947 and Order of Merit in 1981 by the British monarchy.


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