List Of Shaun White’s Medals

Shaun White

What catches your attention in the Olympic Games? Or should I say who catches your attention? Of course, it is Shaun Roger White. He is an American professional snowboarder and skateboarder. Well, this is something known to the whole world. But what is that one aspect that no one knows about Shaun White? Besides gaming, he is a musician too. He breaks records for winning the maximum gold medals in Olympic Games.

Life and Career

Shaun the snowboarder was born in California from Irish and Italian parents. During his birth, he had a major operation because of his congenital heart defect. He had to endure two open heart surgeries at the ripe age of one. He spent his formative years in riding and skiing.

Shaun’s brilliant skill in skateboarder won many hearts including that of Tony Hawk. During the age of nine, Shaun was taken by Hawk to a local skate park. Thereafter, Hawk took up the whole responsibility of the nine year old Shaun and mentored him till he turned a pro at the age of 17. White was given the title of ‘action sports tour champion’. He was the first one to compete and win in the Winter X Games in two different sports activity.

How many medals does Shaun White have?

From 2003, the name Shaun White has constantly kept on winning medals. Till today, Shaun has won 3 Olympic gold medals. Apart from Olympic Gold medals, he has 13 gold medals from the Winter X games for snowboarding and two gold medals from the summer games for skateboarding. All total, he has won five silver medals and three gold medals. Still confused about how many medals he has secured in all? Never mind, I’ll do the calculation for you. Its 26 medals in all. You can call him a superhuman in skateboarding and snowboarding.


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