Love Birds: Celebrity Couples Who Are Dating In 2018

Love Birds: Celebrity Couples Who Are Dating In 2018

We saw the year 2017 come to an end along with many relationships of the actors. However, 2018 started and many couples started dating again. The new lovebirds are here to capture the headlines in the news.

Social media has again for their relationship models to give them ‘bae’ goals. Celebrities are swarming their Instagram accounts with the cutest and the loveliest pictures. It’s basically Valentine’s Day, every day.

So, here we are with a list of the cutest couples that are dating that are engaged on their way to get married. How long will the love between the couples last? Who knows? But for the time being, we have our celebrity couples to adore, watch, and idolize.

Celebrity Dating World: Who’s Dating Whom?

Well, here you go, people. Here is a list of some of the best Hollywood couples who are rumored to be dating. Some of them have chosen to keep their relationship under wraps.

However, some of them are out and open with their relationships. So, let’s get started with our list. Have a look at the top celebrity couples who are dating this year and wish them luck.

  1. Nick Jonas And Madeline Brewer

Well, Nick Jonas and Madeline Brewer are one of the best celebrity couples who is rumored to be dating. It was in the Critics Choice Awards that they couple was first spotted together. Guess what? They were having dinner together. Since the couple hasn’t really confirmed their relationship, we cannot say that they are dating. The only hope here is that they haven’t denied as well. Let’s see what they have for us.

  1. Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet

The Glee royalty dating the Harry Potter alumni, we are listening. There has never been a couple that gave us more happiness than this one. Chord Overstreet is the boy-next-door singer from Glee and Emma Watson also has a beautiful voice. Those who have seen Beauty and The Beast know exactly what we are talking about. Well, the musical couple gave us some major couple goals when they were seen together, walking and holding hands in LA. Cute, right?

  1. Ed Sheeran And Cherry Seaborn

Any girl would be lucky to date the talented musician and singer, Ed Sheeran. Turns out it is Cherry Seaborn, the professional player of hockey. What’s better is that they knew each other from high school. Although the couple got together in 201, they confirmed their engagement recently. Ed Sheeran was seen sporting a ring that his fiancé made herself!!! Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? We think so as well.

  1. Bailee Madison And Alex Lange

Typical teenage couples on the list, check. Well, Bailee Madison and Alex Lange have made us believe in teenage love once again. The cute lovebirds have their photos all over the news with the dating rumors. They confirmed their relationship in the year 2016 and are still going strong. Want to see more of the cute couple. All you have to do is visit their social media pages and the pictures will come pouring out. Do check out the Promposal that they did. That’s the best thing you’ll ever see.

  1. Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas

Who wouldn’t want to date one of the Jonas brothers, right? Following the steps of his brother Nick, Joe Jonas is an engaged man as well. He is currently engaged to the Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner. It was their Instagram that proved their dating rumors. Apparently, Joe proposed and Sophie Turner said yes. Can anything get better than this? I hear wedding bells people. Let’s hope that the couple is able to make it till the end.

  1. Kit Harrington And Rose Leslie

How about we tell you that your favorite John Snow has found love once again? Yes, you heard it, right people. John Snow probably knows how to date. He is dating his on-screen lady love, Ygritte, the wildling. Well, theirs is not a love that is wild. We see the couple holding hands, going on dates. This is more the tame and cute kinda love. The couple just announced their engagement and we couldn’t be happier about it. We certainly hope that their love story isn’t as short-lived as the one that they played on-screen.

  1. Jesse Plemons And Kirsten Dunst

We all saw the couple play the role of high school sweethearts in the hit Fargo. The couple recently just announced their engagement in the month of January. They are one of the most celebrated couples in the industry. We surely hope that they last as there isn’t a couple that is more in love than them. The celebrity couple is certainly one of the best in the industry and we surely hope the best for them. They are all set for getting married this year.

  1. Chris Pine And Annabelle Wallis

Chris Pine is most famous for his role in Wonder Woman and Star Trek. It turns out that the actor has found his Wonder Woman in real life as well. Actor Chris Pine is currently dating the star Annabelle Wallis from The Mummy. The couple is mostly seen together in various high-profile parties and events together. The social media and news have hence made the declaration that these two stars are dating. They haven’t really made a confirmation on their relationship. However, we are certainly hoping for the best as they look good together.

  1. Tom Holland And Zendaya

Well, here we have another power couple. Not the actual power couple but the couple who star together in the powerful movie The Spider-Man: Homecoming. The star might be a pair of goofballs in their movie, but they certainly know how to keep a relationship secretly. While they have stated privacy reasons for not disclosing their relationships, the actors have spent quite some time together. Actor Tom Holland reportedly visited Zendaya’s parents home as well. Here’s hoping.

So, these are some of the celebrity couples as that are currently dating in 2018. There is just one thing to say here. They are giving some major couple goals. Some of them are still a secret and some are not. You have to tell us which couples are you shipping?


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