Maluma And Natalia – The Next Hot Pair


One that we can say about the life of Maluma is that he is certainly living the best moments of his life. That certainly includes the involvement of the signer with his girlfriend Natalia Barulich. One of the happiest and the most celebrated couples in the Hollywood industry would certainly be Maluma and Natalia. The 24-year old singer and his girlfriend have certainly sparked some serious couple goals for people from all over the world.

The Love Story Of Maluma And Natalia

The singer recently celebrated his recent birthday bash just a week ago and you guessed it, right people, Natalia was there with him in the city of Las Vegas. She even dedicated a post to him.

“Happy Birthday to Juan Luis, the most gorgeous, talented, humble and beautiful man, with an even more beautiful soul,” said the model after tagging him in a photo.  Here are some of the facts that you didn’t know about the model.

  1. If you scan the Instagram of Natalia, then you will get to know that she has been the star of several modeling contracts and has also featured with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Camilla Cabello
  2. The Couple has given us goals with the puppy that they have adopted. Yes, they are proud owners of a very cute dog. Isn’t that adorable
  3. They both love music and have an undying passion for it. We get it that Maluma is a singer and the passion is understood but what we didn’t know was that Natalia has a thing for music as well
  4. Natalia, along with her best friend Esther are members of the DJ Booth and they form the ATMSPHERE. It can be said without a doubt that they both slay at what they do

So, these were some of the interesting facts about Natalia and her relationship with Maluma. Hope you enjoyed reading about them.


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