Michael Fassbender Says He Is Selfish With Women

Michael Fassbender Says He Is Selfish With Women

s has always been one of the most alluring actors of Hollywood. The actor has quite a gloomy nature combining along with his shaped body which makes him more appealing and is kind of an actor who is quite hard to be typecast. In the last couple of years, the actor has made to the A-list stars of Hollywood. Though with all the success and grooming qualities, the actor had quite a difficult dating life.

What Michael Fassbender Has To Say

We all have watched Michael Fassbender movies. Fassbender had many twisted roles in his movies like the sex addict in shame, in X Men he played the role of a young Magneto while a ruthless driver in the movie, 12 Years A Slave. With all these magnificent roles he has gained a lot of attention from the audience. But it is yet to know about Michael Fassbender’s girlfriend.

In an interview, the actor had admitted that he is kind of selfish when it comes to his working hours. He also said that the roles that he plays onscreen make a huge impact on his life along with his friends, family, and women. He has dated his co-star Zoe Kravitz of the movie X Men: First Class. He also dated his co-star Nicole Beharie from the movie Shame. But unfortunately, the relation lasted only for seven months. Michael said that his longest relationship was two years long. Michael had been dating since he was 17 but is not very good at it.

The actor has also accepted that his success has affected his dating life. he added that he has developed in terms of talking and girls start to find him interesting. If it was a few years back then girls would leave him right after he would utter something out from his mouth.

So, those were the facts about Michael Fassbender and his love life. We are yet to know about Michael Fassbender Wife, we all can hope that she turns out to be a good one.


  1. Nothing new here. What a pointless & boring article!
    It’s about his girlfriends, when he’s married to Alicia Vikander. Did you have nothing better to write about?


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