Michael Jackson Life Facts – The King Of Pop


Who isn’t the fan of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? Don’t you just start dancing and jamming to the tunes of ‘Thriller’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ whenever the iconic songs of Michael Jackson start to play? We get it. Each and everyone considers themselves to be a true fan of Michael Jackson. But tell you what?  You cannot call yourself a true fan of Jackson if you didn’t know these facts about his life. Well then, let’s go ahead and start with the facts about Michael Jackson early life.

Some Lesser Known Facts About

  1. So, let us just start with something that is pretty easy and known to everyone. Most people know that Michael Jackson is the artist that has got the most awards in history. Well, with a record of 13 Grammys, 40 Billboard awards, 23 Guinness World Records, and about 26 American Music Awards, you might think that the list is over. It is not
  2. Michael had a dream of playing Spiderman in the Marvel film series. Well, he even tried to buy Marvel Company when it had filed for bankruptcy. However, things didn’t go as planned when Tobey Maguire got to play the part
  3. He even wanted to play the role of Charles Xavier in the X-Men series. Well, seems like the star had a fascination with Marvel superheroes. However, that dream remained unfulfilled as well
  4. Michael Jackson tattooed his hairline to his head after the accident with the Pepsi advertisement which gave 3rd-degree burns in his scalp
  5. We all know about the iconic moonwalk that MJ did, right? And we do our best to impersonate it. The move where he bent to an angle is particularly the step that everyone loves. However, he had special shoes that could make the move possible. Yes, it is true, there is even a patent on his name for the design
  6. MJ went on to become the first artist that was black and was aired on MTV for the video for Billie Jean.

How many of these Michael Jackson facts did you know about? Are you surprised to know these things about MJ? Well, let us know.



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