Michael Jackson Songs That You Need To Hear


Michael Jackson was nothing less than a star, right? Anyone who denies the fact seriously isn’t from this era. Remember the iconic Michael Jackson jacket? We all do. While growing up all we wanted to do was copy every single move of this pop star.

From the infamous Moon Walk dance to the way he would bend on the stage, everything became an instant hit. People screamed out his name when he appeared on stage and we still feel the loss of Michael Jackson.

It Is due to this reason that I am here with some of the greatest hits of this superstar, singer, artist, a pop star that you just cannot miss.

Michel Jackson Songs That You Cannot Possibly Miss

Here are some of the best hits of Michael Jackson.


From all the hits that Jackson gave, Bad was one of my all-time favorites. The amazing bassline of the song is enough to make you a fan of this single from 1987. Surely it was one of the greatest hits of Michael Jackson and we still won’t forget it.

Beat It

This single dates way back to 1982. But that doesn’t mean that it is a forgotten song. Such was the popularity of Michael Jackson Beat It song that it also got an award nomination for a Grammy. Now that must surely be a killer track, right?

Earth Song

Another amazing song from the album ‘This Is It’ is definitely Michael Jackson earth song. We still cannot forget the mesmerizing words to the song. This pop song also won a Grammy nomination and was widely accepted by the audience.

Black or White

A superb combo of the axeman from Guns N Roses in the guitar and our very own Michael Jackson. What more do you need? Michael Jackson Black or White was another hit in the 90s and we surely thank him for such wonderful music.

Don’t miss out on these Michael Jackson hits, people.


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