Michael Shannon Movies That You Cannot Afford To Miss This Time


There are not so many people in the Hollywood industry who have a better physique or acting skills than Michael Shannon actor. He has played some remarkable roles, He is deeply underrated. This talented actor has frequently collaborated with director Jeff Nichols and given us some commendable movies. Sometimes as the lead and sometimes as the supporting actor. He’s Worthy of winning an academy award. This versatile actor has shown his talent by portraying roles of different genres with such perfection.

Best of Michael  Shannon

You surely wouldn’t want to miss his movies. Here are some of the best Michael Shannon Movies that you cannot miss this time.

  1. Man Of Steel: Those of you who don’t know General Zod who’s been famous from the days of Superman comics is played by Michael Shannon in the movie Man Of Steel. The film was a huge hit and it steered the Superman franchise in the right direction. This movie had some of the finest actors play in it which includes Shannon. This shows us that Michael can pull off almost every role. He plays General Zod who wants to annihilate mankind and make his own Kryptonite Regime.
  2. Boardwalk Empire: Trust me you’ll fail to express his performance in this semblance of a TV show. The way Shannon acted in this will make you all overwhelmed in your dire states. All the details that Shannon has maintained while portraying the intriguing character named Nelson Van Alden which is beautifully done. The show received huge acclamation and became the most popular TV show of the time. Till now it’s considered the best work of Shannon. Boardwalk Empire is really the best there is.
  3. Bug: You can’t disagree after watching this movie that you didn’t receive a shock. After this movie, Shannon left us in awe of his performance. He amazingly portrayed the character of a paranoid and suspicious man who has an affair with a woman but he starts having hysteria when he sees that there are bugs in the bed. This was the first psychological movie that he did. The way he portrayed the disturbing and dysfunctional character of Peter Evans brought him into the eyes of everyone and everyone loved him! This character, despite of being very hard to play, was exceptionally played by Shannon. It was definitely a horrifying character but it was a combination of crazy and calm and it is counted as his best performance till date.
  4. Shape Of Water: This movie was critically acclaimed and it made its way through the Oscars. Shannon had a big part to play in this movie. He played the villain in this iconic supernatural romance movie. Guillermo Del Toro created this masterpiece in which Shannon portrays the character of Colonel Richard Strickland, a villainous military official with bad intentions. Though the role has been tremendously done. Shannon receives all the credit.

Have you watched all the movies that are mentioned in here? If you haven’t, make sure that you do.


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