Viewing The Movie ‘A Quiet Place’

A Quiet Place (film)

So, you have a movie plan for tonight? We get it. Movie nights are fun. Well, why not? You get to curl up in your sofa with a bowl full of popcorn and a can filled with coke.

That’s sheer heaven. So, a movie it is then. But what kind of a movie would you like to watch? Choosing one can be a task for sure. How about we help you with that? If you are feeling ‘Horror’ then there is a perfect movie that you will absolutely love.

A Quiet Place’ movie is one of the best that we have for you in here. Confused about watching it or not? Well, we’ll convince you for sure.

A Detailed Insight Into The Movie ‘A Quiet Place’

For a movie night, this film takes place in a cornfield-like area. A thriller by name and a thriller by the game, this movie, directed by John Krasinski opened to great reviews at the Southwest Film Festival just a few days ago.

At first, the movie might seem like a weird and silent journey of a family, but then, there is so much more in the movie that unravels as the story progresses. The plot of the movie shows us the family which is under a siege.

Pretty normal, huh? Wait till you see who they are hiding from. The entire plot of the movie follows one single rule, they have to stay silent. The tag of the movie ‘If they hear you, they will hunt you’ fits perfectly to the plot of the movie.

If they even make the slightest sound, they will have to lose their lives.

Spooky, right?

Well, whom do you think they are hiding from? Well, a skeleton-figurine that has pincers for hands and a slimy dark complexion is nothing less than a beast that hunts from the sounds that are made. Their heads are like a metallic ball and they will stop at nothing from destroying the things that make the noise.

The film comprises of surprising and shocking moments, technical accomplishments, scary scenes that will make you fall in love with the movie. Although a bit out of the logic section, this tale is nothing less than an entertaining watch.

You cannot help but sit in anticipation as the creature takes in people who make even the slightest of noise. There is only one thing that can be said about the movie. The more you watch it, the more you will be drawn towards the amazing concept and story of the film.

A truly original concept and a marvelous watch for sure, the John Krasinski is certainly something that you can’t afford to miss. The best part about the movie is the role of the mother which is played by Krasinski’s wife and British actress, Emily Blunt.

The two kids are played by amazing child actors that have a definite success in their careers as well. All in all, A Quiet Place Movie proves to be an interesting watch if you are in the mood for some horror genre.



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