Pamela Anderson Sons and family


Pamela Anderson is an American Canadian model and actress. She is best-known for the television series like Baywatch, V.I.P and Home Improvement. The actress has also features for the playboy magazine. She is also a pro animal rights activist. She has been the member of PETA for a long time. Pamela Anderson and sons has been a promoting vegetarianism.

Pamela Anderson and family:

Pamela Anderson married the Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee in 1995. The Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee son, was born on June, 5 1996. Another son, Dylan Jagger Lee, was born on December 29th 1997. The couples divorced in 1998. The divorce was a media scandal. The Pam Anderson’s sons custody battle took a long time to settle. The Pam Anderson’s kid’s custody was shared equally between mother and father. In 2001, father of Brandon Lee Tommy Lee was served with a notice from Pamela Anderson for full custody of Pamela Lee Anderson sons.  Pamela Anderson and sons are currently living peacefully.

Pamela Anderson and her sons:

Pamela Anderson with sons is living in United States of America. Pamela has retained her Canadian citizenship making her a dual citizen. The children, Brandon Lee and Dylan Jagger, aged 20 and 18 are growing up healthy and happy. Brandon wants to peruse a career in acting and Dylan wants to become musician. Dylan Jagger has also modeled for several magazines. The children are funny and humorous in nature. The younger son loves mathematics and calculus. The kids love to listen to Led Zeppelin’s music.


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