Patrick Schwarzenegger- The eldest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger


Patrick Schwarzenegger is the eldest of Arnold Schwarzenegger children. Born on September 18, 1993, Arnold son Patrick is a successful model and actor. The actor is related to the Kennedy family from his mother’s side. In fact, the actor is the great-nephew of the 35th American president, John F. Kennedy. Arnold Schwarzenegger son Patrick, is the namesake of Patrick Knapp Arnold Schwarzenegger, nephew. This Patrick is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s older sibling. Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger is the student of USC Marshall School of Business.

According to Patrick Arnold Facebook page, Arnold Schwarzenegger son Patrick is dating the supermodel Abby Champion.

The career of the star son:

The Robert Patrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a philanthropic fashion line called Project 360. The company was formed when Patrick was just 15 years old. In addition to that, Patrick is also working as a fashion model. He has modeled for brands like Hudson Jeans. He had also acted in a music video for the singer Ariana Grande’s song Right There.

Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger acting career:

Both the actors have started doing limited roles in the early phase of their acting career. Although Patrick Schwarzenegger and Arnold have never acted together, they are hopeful of collaborating soon. According to a film trade analyst, the Arnold Patrick duo can create movie history. Overall Patrick has worked in few films as a supporting cast member. He landed the role of the central character in the movie Midnight Sun had failed to raise the interest of the viewers.




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