Paula Patton – Discover Some Great Insights On Her Life Story


In the world of celebrities, you may find some pretty famous couples which do share a special bond with their loved ones. While some relations are a lot more stringent, someones really blossom in every aspect of their lives. Yet again, Paula Patton Thicke is the one who has been married to robin thicke. Over the course of time, both of them have shared a special bond and is seen whenever these two comes on stage.

Robin Thicke Paula Patton story of detachment

But, as you know, issues do come in the lives of every couple and the result doesn’t seem to be much pleasant. In this case, Robin Thicke and Paula were indeed great couples but there was still something which was not right between the two. Over the course of 21 years, they have enjoyed some magnificent things but it was the year 2014, which made them, fell apart.

Speaking about Robin Thicke and Paula Patton son, yes they do have a son. His name is Julian and is now 6 years old.

While both Thicke and Patton grew up quite maturely, there was still something which was missing from their life. Yes, they had a wonderful son who was brave enough to sustain such divorce. It was the year 2013 when some blurred lines came into the lives of the couples. And, such a cause became the nightmare for detachment among the two.

Viewers Opinion

You may find plenty of the viewers and all of them with different opinions. While some of them already said that such a marriage will not sustain for a longer period of time, no one knows about the actual relationship moves and the same was the case with Robin Thicke Paula.

Well, if we visualize the current scenario, it seems that both of them are on their individual paths. On the basis of custody, they are still dissolving into a much bigger battle. Also, their lines between the happy ones and the hard times are set to vanish.

Speaking about the first time when they saw each other, it was surely a mesmerizing experience. In the year 1991, she was just 14 while Robin was 15 when they first met at a glance. Further, Robin asked Paula to dance and as of now, the rest is history.

What Can We Learn From This Story?

While there is no doubt that Robin Thicke wife Paula Patton was an excellent woman. She had every other thing to become the best soulmate for her husband. But, as we all know life is much more unpredictable. There comes a moment when things don’t quite work according to the wills. And, the resultant turns out to be divorce.

Now, despite the couple Robin Thicke and Paula is not together, still they are both absolute gem in any case. For their fans, they will admire them because of their brilliant acting and no marriage barrier will stop them from whatsoever.


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