Rikishi- The Great Man Known For His Stinkface Attack

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Rikishi performs for the troops at Camp Victory, Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Iraq (IRQ) during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Well, if you are a fanatic of wrestling, you must have known the great Rikishi. As a person of sheer power and excellent attacking skills, Rikishi made hundreds of his opponents count to dust. Be it the Rock or the game-Triple H, no one was able to sustain in the wraths of Rikishi. To let you more about this living legend and the rikishi stinkface story, let us move ahead and discover each one.

About Rikishi

The dates when some great legends are born is truly remembered by their fans. Hence, the same happened with Rikishi. He was born on the 11th of October 1965 in San Fransisco. As of now, Rikishi’s age is 52 years old. Well, as per the name,”Rikishi” goes, that’s not his actual name. His original name is Solofa F. Fatu Jr, from which, he became to be known as Rikishi in his wrestling career.

Rikishi Stinkface

Over the course of time, Rikishi is well known for his stinkface attack. He has beaten some great legends and was there in the WWE Hall of Fame. Some of his stinkface named as Rikishi stinkface the rock and Rikishi stinkface Christian was the all-time famous news.

Rikishi’s Family and Relations

As a part of his marriage, rikishi wife is Talisua Fuavai and since 1985, they are sharing a special bond. They both have four sons and a lovely daughter named as Thavana Monalisa Fatu.  As a part of Rikishi Cousins, he has several cousins in the wrestling industry such as Umaga and plenty others. All of them do share a special bond and no issues have arisen between them whatsoever.

One Majestic Thing About Rikishi

For all those Rikishi fanatics, you might know the famous Rikishi Dance. Yes over decades, the Rikishi Dance is the all-time famous and still now; fans go gaga over his dance move.


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