Robert Knepper Acted Roleof Theodore Bagwell In Prison Break Television Series


Robert Knepper is well known personality of being American actor. He became popular with his role as Theodore “T Bag” Bagwell in the Prison break in the Fox drama series in television. T bag prison may be explained as the character role of Theodore Bagwell in the drama Prison Break which was ended in 2009. T Bag TV was well popular drama series to watch in British television. In prison break, T Bag pocket was grabbed by prison slave in the fox series of television.

Characteristics Of Character Theodore

Prison Break Theodore Bagwell is the famous fictional character in television series played by Robert Knepper. The role of Teddy Bagwell in the television series was played by Robert Knepper and became successful actor. The character Bagwell prison break was born on August 1958.His father assaulted one girl sexually and later on she gave birth of the child Theodore Bagwell. Theodore got the power of advanced vocabulary from his father. He made son learn all the dictionary, encyclopedia to ensure him that Theodore will be future president of USA. But, the young Theodore was put in jail in and out in constant manner. The reasons were that in youth, he used to torture the animals.

Brief Story Of T Bag

Once in fourth grade, Theodore attempted to set fire to his teacher’s house and was sentenced to send to juvenile home .In adulthood, Theodore made some relations with women and before that one child was born due to sleeping with some waitress. The Theodore made relation with single mother. Due to be wanted murderer and rapist, the court sent Theodore to jail for life imprisonment. For each murder, rape and kidnapping Theodore was given six counts and for that he was imprisoned for life. Robert Knepper acted the character of Bagwell very well and was the popular actor in those days in television.


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