Roger Moore- A Famed British Actor


Sir Roger Moore was a British actor known for his portrayal of James Bond. The actor was born on 14th October, 1927 in London. The actor died in the May 23rd, 2017. Besides, Roger Moore James Bond Movies have played the role of Simon Templar in the hit television film The Saint.  Roger Moore James Bond journey began after Sean Connery announced his retirement from the character. The first James Bond Roger Moore Full Movies was Live and Let Die. Roger Moore Last Bond Movie was A View to a Kill. After this the role of James Bond went to Timothy Dalton.

Roger Moore Movies:

The actor began his acting career with one shot parts. He even acted in a television series by Alfred Hitchcock. Later on, he signed a long term contract with Warner Bros. He has also acted in several television series in his career. Few of the series were The Alaskans, Maverick, and The Saint. With James Bond 007 Roger Moore career witnessed a massive rise. The Best Roger Moore Bond Movie is Moonraker. The movie made more money than most of the Roger Moore James Bond 007 Movies. After the actor announced retirement from Roger Moore 007 movies, the role was passed on to Timothy Dalton. The Roger Moore 007 Movies were phenomenal success and have created a ripple effect in the mind of the Bond Fans. The Roger Moore James Bond are considered the best in series.

Personal life of Roger Moore:

The actor married actress and ice skater Doorn Van Steyn but they divorced quickly. The actor was married to Kristina Tholstrup prior to his death.


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