Ross Lynch And Courtney Eaton Split Up


One of the hottest couples in the Hollywood town was definitely Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton.

The couple and their relationship was always the talk of the town when they were together and now that they have split up, people still cannot stop talking about them.

Well, Courtney Eaton Mad Max role was definitely one of the most iconic roles that we have seen so far. But it is her alleged break-up with boyfriend Ross Lynch that is sparking up most of the rumors.

Yes, you heard it right, people. Courtney Eaton and Ross Lynch finally broke up. Isn’t that shocking? Well, let’s hear a little bit more about that.

The Beautiful Couple Call it Quits After A Loving Relationship

They were both genetically blessed with gorgeous looks and they shared their love story with us on Instagram and other social media platforms. We are talking about the celebrity pair of Courtney Eaton and Ross Lynch, both 21 and who have just broken up a few months ago.

It was only a few years ago in 2015 when Hollywood saw this Australian starlet get together with the former Disney prince Ross Lynch and ever since that day, they were deemed as the power couple.

It is certainly a bit shocking to hear that the actress and her boyfriend split up after such a long time. Well, Entertainment Tonight talked to Ross Lynch about his love life just before the breakup and the actor seemed quite clueless about it.

‘What’s my relationship status right now? I don’t know,’ Ross added. ‘I mean, yeah I do know, but I don’t know. I’m just going to put it at that.’  He told Entertainment Tonight.

Still, there is no comment from the couple’s side about the breakup. But the absence of each other from their social media posts and accounts is indication enough that the couple is no longer together.



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