Serena Williams and her Husband- The Story of the Beautiful Couple

serena williams husband

Serena Williams and her Husband- The Story of the Beautiful Couple

Alexis Kerry Ohanian is an American entrepreneur and investor. The tennis superstar and Reddit cofounder, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian respectively, recently introduced their daughter Alexis Olympia. Alexis and Serena are happy to have their first daughter and post their Instagram debut with their daughter’s picture. A lot of Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams pictures came out in the internet after Serena Williams and Alexis engagement was held in Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. Alexis Serena Williams and her husband decided to exchange vows on the birthday of the Reddit co-founder.

Serena Alexis, the tennis player who has been ranked in the first position by the Women’s Tennis Association. Alexis, who is the husband of the famous tennis player, is born in New York and later went to Howard High School in Ellicott City. Following this, after completing his graduation in the year 2005, he went for higher studies. In the year 2007, Ohanian launched the company ‘Breadpig’ and gives the proceeds to a charity. Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian was named as ‘Ambassador to the East’ for his early venture ‘Y Combinator.’

The story of Serena and Alexis Ohanian sets an example of a relationship when a romantic comedy comes to life. Serena Alexis Ohanian decided to marry each other since they were into deep love with each other. In addition to this, Alexis Ohanian also co-founded Initialized Capital in the year 2010. Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian is living happily with their five months old daughter. They got engaged in the year 2016.


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