Shocking Facts About King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII

Henry VIII was coroneted on the 24th of June 1509, but with the progress of the reign of the Tudor Monarch, his desperation for a male heir grew. We all know about King Henry VIII and his desperate need for a male heir to descend his throne to lead the Tudor dynasty.

He was so obsessed with having a son that he married a total of 6 women to make sure that happened. However, things weren’t as easy in the beginning.

The pope apparently didn’t give him the annulment permission for his first marriage and hence he went for the religious reformation to fulfill his wish. Here are some of the facts about Henry VII. We will also get to know about Henry VIII wives and Henry VIII children.

He Always Wanted Fun

After his coronation, he simply wanted fun in his life. Those who are familiar with the history know that Henry VII wasn’t really meant to be the king. He just got the throne because of the death of his brother. Being the king didn’t really stop him from enjoying life though. Waking up late, hawking, and hunting were some of his major fun activities.

He Wasn’t Exactly The Ladies Man

Well, the ruler of Tudor Dynasty had everything at his feet. He had the good looks, great shape, and a towering height.  Apart from that, he was also an author, a poet, and a musician as well. So, why do you think Henry VIII didn’t have much luck with the ladies? We still don’t know how managed to have 6 wives in total. That’s certainly got to be a handful right?

He Was A Hypochondriac

All bravery and valor aside, there was one fear that plagued Henry VII all the time. The fear of falling extremely ill and eventually dying made him absolutely paranoid. He also had outbreaks as well. Such were the outbreaks that he grew extremely paranoid.

Well, after Henry VIII death, he became quite famous for his religious reformation and many marriages. Many women got to be Henry VII spouse and he will forever be etched in history.


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