Shocking Facts of Freddie Highmore And Abigail Breslin’s Relationship

Shocking Facts of Freddie Highmore And Abigail Breslin's Relationship

Both Freddie Highmore and Abigail Breslin have seen the journey from kids to adult actors. But the main thing to ask about is that, are they dating each other actually? Since the past few years, there have been many rumors that the duo has been dating each other. But since there is no tough evidence, fans have started to think that the rumors aren’t true. Below here are five interesting facts about Abigail Breslin and Freddie Highmore relationship.

Interesting Facts About The Relationship Of Freddie Highmore And Abigail Breslin Relationship

There Is No Witness That Proves Their Relationship

Although many sites have claimed that the duo has been dating but there is still no proof of Breslin being Freddie Highmore girlfriend. Till now they have not been seen together in an award function and neither of them has accepted that they are dating.

In An Instagram Message In April, Breslin Revealed That Her Ex-Boyfriend Raped Her

In the month of April, Breslin took the help of Instagram to reveal that she had been raped by her ex-boyfriend. She was scared and was in total shock. She kept it a secret because of the fear of her boyfriend.

Breslin’s Instagram Say That She Is Dating Someone Else

Breslin and Highmore have not appeared in any of each other’s social photos. Looking at the Instagram posts of Breslin, one will say that she is dating a man named Ira Kunyansky.

She Is The Next Star In “Saturday At The Starlight”

At the end of October, there was an announcement that Denise Richard and Abigail Breslin will star in the indie comedy named as Saturday At The Starlight.

Highmore Had A Link With Dakota Fanning Previously

During 2009, Highmore had some link with Dakota Fanning as the duo was seen going out to dinner at I1 Ceilo in Los Angeles.

So, those were the few facts about Freddie Highmore and Abigail Breslin relationship. You have seen surely seen some of Freddie Highmore’s movies, do let us know that, will the couple look good together?



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