Things About Carmen Ejogo That You Need To Know


When it comes to Hollywood gossip and buzz, the Nigerian-British actress Carmen Ejogo was the center if it many times.

This talented actress not only thrilled our minds with some beautiful performances of hers but also entertained our hearts with the long string of news bits that were always surrounded by her. Carmen Ejogo movies and her career is simply not a very secret affair from the rest of the world.

However, very little is known about her as a person. All that we know is she was born as Carmen Elizabeth Ejogo.

There have been rumors about her every single time. Most people have predicted that she is going to win an Oscar for her performance as Selma in the 2015 movie ‘Selma’ and there are some people who have shunned the predictions. Carmen Ejogo movies have certainly been an entertainment to us whether it was ‘Sparkle’ or ‘Metro’. Here are some of the facts about her that you probably missed.

Things About Carmen Ejogo That You Need To Know

Presenting some of the top bits from the life of Carmen Ejogo that you probably had no idea about.

  1. Small Roles Before Going Mainstream

She had done many of the short and unrecognizable roles in the movies before she went in to do the movies in titular roles herself. Now, some of you may not even remember the roles that she played. However, she did really well for an actress of her origin and race. You might also be surprised to hear that she was in the 1998 version of The Avengers, along with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman. Now that’s some role, right?

  1. She Was The Smart Kid

One thing that you don’t know about Carmen Ejogo that she had a very impressive IQ when she was in the education phase. Carmen Ejogo parents state that she scored a 156 as her IQ score and she even had her membership in some prestigious society of geniuses which was known as Mensa. Well, that is certainly evident in the choice of movies that she makes as they keep on getting more and more amazing.

  1. Her Interest In Music

Another thing that you might have missed about Carmen Ejogo that she was a sucker for music. Having worked alongside the industry of music for a very long time made her so. She can’t seem to get the music out of her system as she has done numerous music videos and is a singer herself. Well, it is certainly great to know that she’s such a box of talent.

  1. The Power Couple

When it comes to naming the power couple of Hollywood, one of the names that come to mind would definitely be Carmen Ejogo and Jeffrey Wright. The couple got married almost 15 years ago and now has a house in Brooklyn. While they are not really much in the shining spotlight anymore, it can be said that they are truly the dream couple.

So, these are some of the most interesting facts that you need to know about Carmen Ejogo and her life. Have we missed anything? Let us know.


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