Tom Cruise and his relationships with his wives – read on to know more


Tom Cruise is a renowned American actor and producer who have started his career at an early age of 19 years in the film ‘Endless Love.’ Tom Cruise has been married and divorced for three times since the early-mid-1980s. Dating back to 1987, he married an actress, Mimi Rogers. But the marriage did not last for more than three years. Tom Cruise ex wife, Mimi Rogers introduced him to Church of Scientology. Mimi Rogers, who is a famous American film, is also Tom Cruise first wife.

During 1990, on the sets of his film ‘Days of Thunder’, he met his second wife actress Nicole Kidman. After they got married in the same year, they adopted two children. But after two years in 2001 February, Cruise filed for divorce while his wife was unknowingly pregnant which ended with a miscarriage. Before Nicole Kidman got married to Keith Urban, she declared her love for Tom Cruise.

In the year 2001, Cruise got romantically linked with Penelope Cruz who was his co-star in ‘Vanilla Sky.’ At that time, Tom Cruise ex wife Kidman explained the rumors about her miscarriage.

Tom Cruise relationship with Penelope Cruz ended in 2004. Following this, sources were of the opinion that after the breakup, Church of Scientology launched a project to find out any new relationship.

Then in the year 2005, Tom Cruise started dating actress Katie Holmes, and in the same year on April 27th, they made their first public appearance in ‘TomKat.’ And suddenly on 6th October 2005, Tom Cruise new wife – Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced that they are expecting a child.



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