Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift


We all know about the drama that follows Taylor Swift post breakups. She never spares any of her exes from her albums. In her latest album, it was time for Tom Hiddleston, the Thor superstar, to get bashed by the pop star.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston started dating back in 2016. Taylor Swift and Tom met at the MET Gala which took place in New York. Right after a month, the duo met at the MET Gala awards, Taylor broke up with Calvin Harris and started dating Tom Hiddleston. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston had a good relationship for some time. Taylor and Tom Hiddleston were spotted in the beaches of Rhode Island where Taylor owns a beach house. Though not long after their vacation, news emerged that Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift has broken up. Though many say that Tom Hiddleston girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift has broken the relationship, but according to sources, it was Tom who decided as he grew tired of Taylor.

But like all of her ex-bf’s, Tom got subjected to the Taylor Swift’s new album where there is a breakup song which has been reported to be about Calvin and later Tom. The song is called the getaway car. And not only Tom and Calvin, but it is also reported that there is a song which is meant for Kayne West. After the release of the new album, it was subjected to be the center of many controversies, and Tom Hiddleston got utterly surprised when he learned that he was mentioned in the new song by Taylor Swift.


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