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Looking for inspiration on your travel tips for your trips around the world? You have come to the right place. There is so much happening in the world and an avid traveler like you must be exhausted by now. Then, I must tell you that Intakt-Reisen Inspirations is a project well known for its nurturing of the travelers like you.

Sharing a beer on a Goan beach or the mountains of Africa, you know life has so much to offer. Trips to Africa, Asia, America, Australia, each continent with such unique landscapes and cultures. So, here is my gospel travel tips for trips around the world.

Travel tips I swear by for roundtrips around the world

Intakt-Reisen Inspirations was developed to nurture the hikers, traveler, culture enthusiast in you. Trips around the world can get bumpy if you are not equipped for it. So here we go;

For God’s sake research

Anybody who asks me for travel tips I always start with the golden rule. know the place you are traveling to. Talk to people who have made trips around the world. I can’t stress how important it is for you to do the homework about the places you will be going to.

Especially trips to Africa, Asia, America and the Pacific. These places require you to be street smart, know how to follow maps. Border crossings, cultural ideas to comply with are all important things for you to already know before going there.

Get your Visas pre-done

Chances you won’t be able to get all the countries visas pre-done, but get as many as possible. That is what I tell people. The middle east, Asia, Africa has complex visa rules, and having to have good knowledge in their rules is always part of your research work.

Some countries may require you to provide doctors notes, AIDS tests. So, do the research on visa compliances of each country. There is beating around the bush when it comes to visas, so you will have to he patience of going through vigorous visa rules and processes.

Don’t go cash-less and have other options 

Here is a safe thing to do, carry more than enough cash, and make sure you still have your international credit cards in handy. For example, if you will do a month-long trip to Africa, you would be good and safe with $3000-$4000 in multiple sorts of bills.

Some countries in Africa, South America, Asia may need you to bride and grease in some processes, even sometimes in visas and hotel stays. So, if you have cash of multiple bills it helps you move around and not be stranded penniless at a different part of the world.

Learning basics of some languages help 

If you are going to Asia, knowing a little Mandarin and Hindi helps. Especially if you are in a big country like India. Know a little Spanish for South America. At the very least the basics.

Many people will not speak to you in English in many parts of the world but are excellent people. Knowing their basic languages just makes it easier to get help when needed too. In Europe, learning the basics of French and Portuguese is a big help. Helps you cross borders easily, and the chances of you getting tricked on the streets are lower.

Know your options very well

If you are a hiker, active holidaymakers or even traveling for the sake of it. trips to Africa, Asia, America, Australia is not easy if you don’t know the basic options there. For example, bus stops, malls, airports maybe also sometimes police stations.

I usually never buy flight tickets till I arrive in that country. but, I make sure I know where to go to buy them. Having a flexible plan helps you prepare for anything. To add to all of this, its always safe for you to know the border crossing timings, where to get help, hospitals etc.

You can have all this research done also while you are on the go through Google Maps. It gives you suggestions too, but you would have to make a note of important numbers too. Having a concrete plan of options is a traveler’s musts.

So, if you are doing trips around the world then knowing the gospel rules for it is always a plus point.

Travel happy and travel safe!


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