What Do We Know About Ellen DeGeneresAnd Portia De Rossi’s Love

What Do We Know About Ellen DeGeneresAnd Portia De Rossi's Love

It was historic news for the world when Ellen DeGeneres admitted that she was a gay. Many started saying that she made a huge statement and made a strong way for all the gay celebrities and those characters on screen.

Ellen is funny in an exceptional way, an iconic role model. Ellen knew that accepting the fact that she had interests in women won’t affect her career which was a very big step in her life. The step was so effective that she was awarded a Medal of Freedom which is the highest civilian honour in America.

Knowing About Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi’s Love

Being an iconic role model for the LGBTQ folk, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi have an exceptional relationship which gives us goals. They are the best example of true love and there are many facts about them that most of us don’t know. Below here are few facts about the love life of the couple that everyone should know.

  • It has been 8 years since Ellen and Portia have been married. They married in 2008 and the clips of their wedding were shown on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  • Many of us have not noticed the difference in age between the pair which is almost 15 years. Portia is 45 years old whereas Ellen is 60.
  • Their home wedding was beautiful in California when same-sex marriage was legalized. It was a small family attendance but still, it could not stop the media to enter the Ellen DeGeneres wedding.
  • They don’t lie to each other. Ellen and Portia have promised each other that they won’t even say a white lie to each other and stay honest always.
  • The relationship of the duo was more like love at first sight. Portia says that she was immediately struck by the feeling when she saw Ellen for the first time.

So, those were the facts about the love life of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia that you should. While rumors about Ellen DeGeneres divorce revolve around, it can be said that they are still going storng.


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