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Mother’s Day

It goes without saying that all of us love our mothers, don’t we?

They are the angels that have given us the gift of life and launched us into this world. After carrying us within them for nine long months, they have raised us and cared for us like no one else. The very fact that we exist on this beautiful planet today is because of our mothers. And right from our upbringing, to our education and everything that we can possibly think about – we owe them all to our dearest mothers.

Special mother day


To commemorate and celebrate our mothers and all that they have done and sacrificed for our betterment, countries, and cultures all across the globe have dedicated one day in the year. On this one day every year, we celebrate that one and only woman in our lives – our mothers, and especially in regard to all that they do for us every single day. This special day has been set aside purely with the intention of making her feel special, to celebrate the most special bond of all.

It will not be wrong to say that Mothers Day is perhaps the only day when we can actually force them to be treated like the queen.

What day is Mother’s Day 2019?

This celebration of Mother’s Day is something that all the countries in our world have celebrated since ages. And some of the traditions can even be traced long back to almost the 16th century. So you can well imagine how many mothers have been honoured over the centuries! In some of the earliest traditions of Mother’s Day celebrations, apprentices and servants were granted leaves from their duties so that they could visit their mothers at their homes and treat them with surprises and gifts.

Now when it comes to selecting a particular day to celebrate this special bond, you might be surprised to know that not all countries celebrate Mother’s Day on a fixed date. The fact is that different countries have their own special days which they commemorate as Mother’s Day.

For instance, Mother’s Day is celebrated on every second Sunday of May in the United States of America. This has been the trend for the USA all throughout and falls on the same day like what many of the other countries also observe as Mother’s Day.

So going by the US standards, Mother’s Day is on the 13th of May this year that is 2018.

However, in some countries, this date has been adjusted to suit their religious priorities or even according to historical significances.

For example, in most of the Arabian countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 21st of March, which marks Spring Equinox. Again, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Mother’s Day is usually celebrated on the fourth Sunday during Lent. This is referred to as Mothering Sunday in those countries, which is usually celebrated during the month of March, three weeks prior to Easter Sunday.


What to get mom for Mother’s Day?

Now, when it comes to gifting our moms on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we all want it to be something rare and sterling; something that she will truly appreciate and most importantly a gift that will be totally worthy of her.

We all want to make it different for our mothers, to plan something in advance so that we can spring a lovely surprise on her and put the widest smile on her face.

You can plan to start by giving her a card that you have specially made by hand. Gifting a card will be a very sweet starting to a lovely day ahead and it is bound to make her feel truly special instantly. And although it is hard to compensate our mothers’ contributions in our lives, a handmade card with some heartfelt really sweet notes is bound to make her feel very proud indeed.

Special mother day

And if you feel that a card is not enough to express your gratitude and love for your mother, you can select an innovative gift that will be truly worthy of her. Now, buying a gift that she would love immediately will, of course, depend on her preferences. If your mother loves to read, you can buy her a book by her favourite author.

If your mother has got a penchant for jewelleries of all kinds, then you can buy a special bracelet or a necklace for her. Bracelets which contain the images of both you and your mother are going to be a lovely gift and a grand idea to celebrate Mother’s Day. For, she will be able to wear it wherever she goes, which will definitely make her feel extra special.

If she loves to watch movies, you can treat her to a special movie show and dinner afterward. There are so many ways in which you can make this one day super special for your super mom!


When is Mother’s Day in Mexico?

Like it was already mentioned a while back, Mexico celebrates Mother’s Day or El Dia de la Madre on May 10th 2018 to honour mothers and motherly figures.

Now, there is a history of Mexico celebrating this day on the 10th of May.

Mothers’ Day was officially celebrated for the very first time in Mexico on May 10 back in the year 1922. Soon after that this celebration developed religious flavours and was popularly portrayed by images of the Madonna and Child. This day has therefore garnered rapid popularity over time and is even on the same day in many other countries too. Although this is not a public holiday in Mexico, many institutions and offices are known to close down work earlier than usual so that people can visit their mothers and celebrate.

How many days until Mother’s Day?

For all those who are going to celebrate Mother’s Day, you need to make plans and get ready really fast, since this day is just around the corner. And so that you can plan and execute it smoothly to make it a truly memorable one for your mothers, start off right away. Buy those cards, place an order for the freshest flowers today, Mother’s Day is right on this weekend!


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