Zayn Malik gets his father’s name inked behind his right ear

Zayn Malik gets his father's name inked behind his right ear

Zayn Malik has shown off his love for family specifically his dad by getting his father’s name inked behind his right ear.

Malik says he is paying tribute to his father with the new tattoo. Malik revealed the tattoo through a black and white photo on Instagram on Thursday and captioned it “Love you.” Zayn’s father’s name, Yaser, is written in cursive letters behind his right ear.

In his autobiography, Zayn wrote about his relationship with his father. According to an excerpt of the book published by Rolling Stone, Zayn wrote, “My dad’s a hard worker and he has strong values. He was a personal trainer and is solidly built, and he used to go on at me all the time about being a good student and getting the right education. He wanted the best for me, and I wanted to please him in return…  I wanted to show him, as much as everyone else, that I could do it.”


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